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Say Goodbye to Intonation and Delamination Problems!

Carbon treble* classical guitar strings are a great alternative to nylon strings with 80% greater density. This allows for a thinner string to have the same mass for a given string tension.

Carbon strings are notorious for intonation issues, usually because the diameter varies so much over the length of the string. That’s why we reformulated our GPX™ Carbon Treble classical guitar strings for unsurpassed diameter accuracy. Laser micrometer technology ensures that Oasis® only packages “true” strings, enabling your guitar to play in tune from the first fret through the higher positions.

GPX™ Classical Guitar StringsOur new GPX™ Carbon Treble strings have enhanced durability, preventing the delamination or “shredding” common to so many other carbon treble strings. Performers say they play these strings for more than 100 hours before changing sets! GPX™ Carbon Trebles are available as individual strings, treble sets (first, second, third string), or full sets with Oasis® Flex-Core™ bass strings in high, medium, normal, and light tension.

None of this matters if you don't like what you hear. For most guitars, carbon treble strings produce beautiful tone with excellent sustain. James Piorkowski**, SUNY professor and former member of the world renowned Buffalo Guitar Quartet, put it this way:

"These new carbon strings by Oasis are simply wonderful! With warm tone color and plenty of sustain, my guitar is now free to sing sweetly. Thankfully, my search for the optimum string is over. Bravo, Oasis!"

James Piorkowski** James Piorkowski is a professor at the Fredonia School of Music, State University of New York, serving as the head of the guitar program since 1983. In 2006, he received both the President's Award for Excellence and the Robert W. Kasling Award for Scholarly and Creative Excellence. He had toured extensively and was an 18- year member of the world-renowned Buffalo Guitar Quartet, which was disbanded in 2000. Jim has a world of experience and, most importantly, he is a great guy, who served as a sounding board (pun intended) for the development of our GPX™ Carbon Trebles and Centurion Flex-Core™ classical guitar bass strings.

**Carbon trebles aren’t made from carbon fiber. They’re made of PVDF (polyvinylidene difluoride), a thermoplastic fluoropolymer.