Titanium Classical Guitar Strings

Oasis® Titanium Nylon Classical Guitar Strings

Quick Overview

Oasis® Titanium Nylon Treble classical guitar strings are precisely calibrated. Made from a special polyamide mixture, their distinctive purple/grey color is as unique as their sound. They produce a gorgeous, wide, color palette rarely found in a nylon guitar string. It would be difficult to overstate the excellence of these strings. Our Titanium Nylon Trebles come in two tensions: normal and medium-high and are paired with similar tension Sostenuto™ bass strings.

“As classical guitar specialists, all of the factory guitars that arrive at our shop receive a complete set-up on our work bench. We always take off the factory installed strings, even if they are a name brand, and install Oasis® Titanium Classical Guitar String. Consequently, the guitars we sell sound better”
Mike Kirkpatrick, Kirkpatrick Guitar Studio, www.kirkpatrickguitar.com

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